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11 Oct 2020

6 Types Of Ecommerce Videos To Effectively Convert Visitors To Buyers On Your Online Store

6 Types Of Ecommerce Videos To Effectively Convert Visitors To Buyers On Your Online Store

Your online store is humming along nicely. You created a fantastic website and included all the bells and whistles that pull in visitors to buy your products.

However, despite all this, your sales seem to be flattening. Your competitors seem to have developed a potent potion that sees their business take off and keep on an upward trajectory.

The problem isn’t in your marketing efforts. Well, maybe a bit. After all, you’re leaving out what is arguably the most effective advertising medium; eCommerce videos.

Video content marketing has grown exponentially over the past few years as a business on the internet has developed.

It has come to a point where more than half of customers believe that an online business should have some form of video content on its website. And that is no surprise. 6 in every 10 customers watch a video about a product when they’re making up their minds to buy it.

Since video content on the internet will be 15 times higher in 2022 than in 2017, the number of customers watching videos before buying products is sure to rise.

Therefore, it makes sense for you to get in on the ground floor. If you invest part of your marketing budget in eCommerce videos, you’re sure to reach more consumers than you are now. Additionally, video content stands a higher chance of converting said consumers into surefire buyers.

In this article, you’ll discover the various types of videos that convert eCommerce shoppers.

But first, let’s take a look at the different ways eCommerce videos boost your online store’s standing.

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How Do Ecommerce Videos Increase Your Store’s Conversion Rates?

We’re not saying you should ditch the other features of your marketing strategy. They’re just as crucial in getting your brand name out there.

However, there’s something about video that just pushes your marketing strategy over the edge, enabling your online business to soar above the competition.

This is the secret of videos that boost eCommerce conversions.

Video Engages Customers More Than Any Other Kind Of Content

The saying goes; a picture is worth a thousand words. That means you’d have to write a paragraph of text to explain what someone would understand in a few seconds of looking at an image.

Now imagine that image started moving, providing more context and information in as short a time. People would grasp the concept better without having to go through blocks of text.

Let’s tie this in with our online store.

Instead of writing entire paragraphs to describe your product, you can instead just show it off.

Whereas text is bland, video is much more enticing, pulling people in. As they’re enthralled by the video, they also pick up the message you’re trying to put across.

Additionally, you can evoke several emotions, making the audience relate to your content, and enabling them to take action in the way you intended - conversions.

And you’re doing all this in a matter of seconds!

Video Makes Customers Trust Your Brand

Online shopping requires a lot of trust between both parties: the brand and the customer. Shoppers especially find it hard to give their money to an unknown entity somewhere on the internet.

In a physical brick-and-mortar store, the customer can touch the product, and examine all its features. If they decide to buy it, they can see the cashier and are sure that they can get their money back if they aren’t happy with the product.

This is totally different, as we described earlier.

Therefore, you need to ensure that customers trust your brand if you want to make any sales or other types of conversion.

Nothing passes this message along clearer than eCommerce videos.

With video, you can introduce the owner or a brand ambassador, a face that your target audience can associate with the brand.

Videos Provide More Information About Your Product Range

In the previous point, we mentioned shoppers in physical stores touching and examining items on the shelves to find out more about them before buying.

Since customers can’t do that in your online store, you need to find a way to replicate this action. Video is as close as you can come to this.

Informational videos highlight every aspect of the product, allowing the customer to see what they’ll be getting if they add the item to their cart.

Video Greatly Increases Brand Awareness

When you make a video about a specific product or overall brand messaging, you stand a greater chance of making your brand a household name.

One of the best ways to market video content is by using social media. When you post your video on a social media platform, your audience shares it with other people.

Social media’s viral nature enables your brand name to ripple through to potential customers you didn’t even know were interested in your products.

The numbers back this up. Videos on social media are shared 12 times as much as links and text combined.

Video Increases Your Site’s SEO

Since eCommerce videos provide more information efficiently, consumers find them useful. Therefore, they’re always looking out for websites with videos.

Search engines like Google are particularly mindful of such behavior by their users. As a result, they give a higher result page rank to websites with videos. Visit our eCommerce SEO Guide for Beginners to learn more.

If your site appears higher, then you’ll have more visitors coming into your online store.

Therefore, it pays to embed videos that convert eCommerce shoppers to your website. Optimize the video for search engines by giving it a descriptive title and headline, using your preferred keywords appropriately.

Now that we’ve seen how video content can increase conversions, let’s explore the different kinds of videos you can add to your site.

Debutify’s free ecommerce theme has nailed down all the technical bits needed to optimize your site for search engines. All you need to do is embed the videos you want to show your audience.

Key Types Of Videos That Boost Ecommerce Conversions

Several types of eCommerce videos increase your online store’s conversion rate in different ways. Therefore, we think it is right to introduce you to the various forms of videos that convert eCommerce shoppers. These include:

1. Product Videos

Obviously, this doesn’t need any more explanation. But we’ll expound on it nonetheless.

Consider the stats for a moment. 7 in every 10 online consumers watch a video about a product before they buy it.

Therefore, it makes sense for you to create videos for your products so that customers are more inclined to add the items to their carts.

This type of eCommerce video is more effective on your site’s homepage and on the landing page for the product in question. It grabs the customers’ attention, providing information that leads the customer to the product page, converting them into shoppers.

When crafting product videos, show off the item’s exceptional features so that it awes the audience.

This kind of approach goes further than a plain product description would. The description leaves plenty to the customer’s imagination. On the other hand, the video provides more insight into the product, highlighting everything the customer needs to know.

With a great product video, you can increase sales for that particular item.

Read more about "The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Conversions With Effective Ecommerce Product Videos" here and know how to craft great product videos to increase sales for those particular items.

2. Tutorial Videos

These product demos or how-to videos do more than show off a product’s features and benefits. They delve a bit deeper, showcasing how the customer can use the product in a natural setting after they’ve bought it.

Whereas product videos are a bit shorter and skim over the benefits, product demos go the long mile, showing all you need to know about the product and how it can be useful to the customer.

If you have a complex product, these tutorials show the customers how to get the most out of the item.

For example, let’s say your online store sells baby cribs. We’re confident you won’t ship them in their fully assembled form. Preferably, the package will contain unassembled parts for efficient shipping.

When the parents-to-be receive their package, they might know how to put the different parts together to get that exact item they saw in your product video.

However, a tutorial can take them through the different steps, showing where to start, which tools to use, and how to put it all together.

Without this video, your customer might spend several hours scratching their head, trying to follow the instructions booklet in the package. This experience might leave them with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to your brand.

A tutorial video alleviates all this, making the entire experience easy and enjoyable. It also buys you some customer satisfaction points. The buyer is more likely to become a repeat customer because they breeze through the entire process with help from your eCommerce videos.

3. Customer Testimonials And Review Videos

Earlier, we talked about customers needing to trust your business before they surrender their money to you. One way to build this trust is to display customer reviews and testimonials (social proofs) on your website.

In fact, the free Debutify Theme offers several top-shelf add-ons that allow you to display customer reviews in a spot where potential customers can’t miss them. You may also download Debutify Reviews to generate photo and video reviews from your customers. Please check out our Guide to Debutify Reviews to learn more.

However, customers might not grasp the context of the entire review if it’s a long piece of text.

Videos explain things better. We can’t emphasize this enough. Add this to the fact that 90 percent of consumers consult reviews before buying products. It points to the urgent necessity of having review videos on your site.

Embed video testimonials onto your site. These eCommerce videos show customers who have already bought products from you and are using them. The previous customers talk about their product experience.

You shouldn’t feel discouraged if they point out the not-so-good stuff. Customers know that nothing is perfect. Additionally, over 6 in 10 customers will shun brands if they discover that those businesses tampered with their reviews and ratings.

If your product’s benefits outweigh the few negatives, then they’ll take a punt on it. After all, someone just like them has used the product and seems happy with it.

Check out our interesting blog post on what happens behind the scenes of a product review blogger to give you some ideas.

4. Comparison Videos

Unless a customer knows precisely what they want, they’ll always browse around before settling on the final item to buy.

And even when they do, they want to know that they’re getting the biggest bang for their buck.

Does the product have more features than the others? Does it cost less? Is it of better quality?

In the digital mall, they can quickly check out what your competition is offering. And if they leave your store, there’s little chance that they’re coming back. The countless online distractions will see to it.

So, why not let them make the comparison right there on your site?

Comparison videos are the perfect solution to this. They highlight your product’s features, pitting them against an alternative.

These types of videos that convert eCommerce shoppers are particularly effective when your brand partners with an impartial influencer in your niche.

Customers are more likely to believe the influencer since they’re a trusted voice in the industry. If they rightly say that your product trumps the other, potential buyers are convinced to give it a go.

When the influencer adds a product page link to their post, you’ll get an influx of traffic to your site.

A top converting Shopify theme like Debutify easily takes advantage of this increase in website traffic, turning the potential customers into actual buyers.

5. Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos show your audience what your product looks like when it shows up to their doorstep. It goes on ahead to show someone opening the box and revealing the item within.

These kinds of videos have become the norm in the content marketing realm. Customers always tune in when their favorite influencer is unboxing a new product on the market.

Oh, we’d like to point out, it’s usually better if an outside party does the unboxing. It’d be like tooting your own horn if someone from your brand did the unboxing.

What makes these videos unique is that the person has probably not used the product. Therefore, they’re discovering the product features along with the audience. This creates a sense of authenticity that your other marketing efforts struggle to replicate.

Additionally, you’re tapping into the influencer’s following. Some people didn’t know about your brand or product. However, now they’re hanging onto the influencer’s every word.

6. Torture Testing Videos

When talking about engagement and building trust, torture testing videos manage to tick both boxes.

If durability and product integrity play a significant role in your niche or industry, you need to show your target market that your brand meets all these expectations.

Torture testing is a surefire way to do this. These kinds of videos show your product being taken through its paces - at the extreme end of the scale.

This can include massive hits with heavy objects, taking a blowtorch to the item, and other things of that nature.

Not only is your audience enthralled by the destruction, but they also find out that your products can take a beating. This is proof of their sturdiness and ability to withstand use in any environment.

If several products in your range pass these tests, your brand builds a reputation for offering high-quality products. Even if your prices shoot up, your target market won’t balk at the figures because they know they’re getting value for their money.

Additionally, torture-testing videos are prone to going viral. In other words, several people will want to watch something getting blown up. The video will be shared, and your brand will gather more followers, ready to buy products from you.

Wrapping Up

Ecommerce videos are a great way to engage your audience, connecting with them to draw them in close with your brand. However, you need to use videos that convert eCommerce shoppers.

Above, we’ve gone through the various videos that boost eCommerce conversions. You don’t have to use all of them; some might not fit in well with your brand voice and ethos. However, when you use the right video type combinations, you’re likely to see a significant uptick in your conversion rate.

Place the right kind of videos on the right parts of your website. This will lead your customers seamlessly through the sales funnel, decreasing the site’s bounce rate and increasing conversions and sales.

To boost your increasing traffic and conversions, you need to have an online store that appeals to your potential customers. Using a well-optimized Shopify theme is the shot in the arm your brand needs. Download the free theme Debutify for free now!

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