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26 Aug 2022

7 Best Facebook Ads Examples To Inspire You (And What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Ads)

7 Best Facebook Ads Examples To Inspire You (And What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Ads)

"I made an organic joke on Facebook... nobody got it."

I'm sure you've heard or read that joke multiple times. So, some marketers and business owners are also wondering the same thing... is organic reach declining?

But declining or not, you can do something about it.

Even if your organic reach dips at times or you want to prevent it from happening... you can leverage Facebook ads for your business.

But the question is... how? How to create Facebook ads that work? What are the types of ads? Fret not, because we'll discuss...

  • What are the amazing benefits of using Facebook ads for your business?
  • Facebook ad formats you can use for your ads.
  • 12 best Facebook ads examples you can learn from.

After you read this blog, you will feel inspired to start your own Facebook ads! But before that, let's talk about...


What are the benefits of utilizing Facebook ads?

benefits of utilizing Facebook ads

1. Brand awareness

Through Facebook ads, you can increase brand awareness because more people will find out about your brand when they come across your ads.

And when they know about your brand, it means they're one step closer to being converted as customers. So, Facebook ads are important in boosting brand awareness.

But not just that because you will get...


2. More targeted reach

Your ads will not reach the most random people on Facebook because you can customize your Facebook ads.

You can choose your target audience and customize their demographics based on your buyer persona. This ensures that you're reaching the relevant audience and...


3. Generate leads

If you want to get more prospective customers, lead generation is the answer. And you can generate more leads through Facebook ads.

Since Facebook allows you to choose an ad objective, lead generation is made easier with Facebook ads. You can then turn these leads into customers and...


4. Increase sales

You can also choose sales as your ad objectives.

When you choose sales as your ad objective, you can customize your ads for conversion. For example, you can create catalogs with "Shop Now" or "Add to Cart" CTAs, then redirect them to your website.

Another benefit is you can...


5. Retarget more potential customers

Retargeting means you're targeting people who have already interacted with your eCommerce brand... but didn't make any purchases yet.

For example, they may have shared their emails with you, browsed your eCommerce store, or interacted with your social media accounts.

These potential customers aren't new to your brand.

They know who you are already, and you can turn them into customers with the right retargeting Facebook ad strategy.

You see, Facebook ads have a lot of benefits. But before we dive into the best  Facebook ads examples, you need to know...


Facebook ad formats

Facebook ad formats are different from placements. Placements are where your ads will appear. It can be on Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram.

The ad formats you choose need to align with your objective and ad placements. What are these ad formats, anyway?

  • Image ad. Image ads are simple. They consist of an image related to your brand.
  • Video ads. Videos can make your ads more engaging and eye-catching.
  • Carousel. Carousel ads can include up to 10 images or videos in an ad. Each slide has its own links.
  • Instant Experience. This gives your audience a fullscreen experience when they tap on your ad using their mobile phones. This can help highlight your products.
  • Collection. This ad format allows you to include multiple products, which turns into an Instant Experience when they interact with it. This also makes browsing and purchasing products more captivating.

Now that you know the ad formats, let's see some inspiration!


7 Facebook ad examples for other brands that work


1. Zapier


Zapier used a video ad format for this one. You can see that the Facebook ad copy is short and straight to the point.

The copy points out the solution if ever their target customers are worrying about their to-do list. They can automate it with Zapier.

Also, the CTA or call-to-action is "Sign Up," which prompts the target audience to click it and sign up on Zapier's website.

The video ad features a testimonial from a founder using Zapier. This is an excellent ad example because an actual user is talking about their product.

Takeaway: Make your Facebook ad straightforward and focus on how it will help your customers.

Next, learn from...


2. Nike


This is a Facebook carousel ad from Nike. They have a "back to school" collection and created a carousel format for this ad.

When you click on the next button, you'll see more promotional posters for this collection. And when you click the "Shop Now" button, you'll be redirected to Nike's Back to School product page.

The Facebook ad copy is also short and simple. Nike says that they got everything their customers need for the back-to-school season.

Takeaway: Make it easy for your customers to shop online... like what they did by redirecting them to the product page of the Back to School collection.

Check out another great example, which is...


3. Outdoor Voices

outdoor voices

Outdoor Voices introduced "The Bloom Dress" through a 15-second video ad. You can also notice that the size of the video is full-screen, which is perfect for mobile users.

The Facebook ad copy is also detailed and direct. It details the features of the dress, which are a high-coverage neckline, back zip, built-in shorts, and hidden pockets.

If their customers are looking for a dress with the exact features, they can easily click the "Shop Now" button!

Takeaway: Create multiple versions for your Facebook ads. Some of your target audience is using mobile devices and would love to watch the video full-screen.

Another Facebook ad example you should learn from is...


4. Raising Cane's

Raising Cane's

Another Facebook ad that's straight to the point is from Raising Cane's.

Imagine scrolling on your Facebook news feed and seeing this. Who doesn't want to skip the line but get a taste of their favorite chicken fingers, right?

What makes this ad a great example is it tells the customers where to order by stating that they can order via their mobile app or online.

Raising Cane's customers don't have to wonder where to place an order. When customers click on the link, they will be redirected to the order page.

Takeaway: Emphasize the purpose of your Facebook ad. The ad's purpose is to encourage customers to order online to skip the line.

The next Facebook ad campaign you should see is...


5. Nespresso


Nespresso showcases their products through catalog ads. When you click "More," you'll see selected products on display.

And if you want something, you can click on the product or the CTA at the bottom. Then the ad will drive you to Nespresso's website and continue your shopping.

See? Catalog ads are great for Facebook advertising because your potential customers get a glimpse of what you have to offer.

Takeaway: Don't just stick to a Facebook ad image or video ad! Utilize other ad formats to get the best results. Test the ads and see which ones work well.

But let's talk about one of the best types of video ads...


6. NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics runs this video ad, and this is one of the best ad examples because it shows the product in action.

It shows the natural skin of the models on one side, then on another is how the skin looks with the concealer.

They are also redirecting their audience to where they can buy their products, which is through Sephora.

Takeaway: Make your Facebook video ad more fascinating by showing how your products work! It's important for consumers to see your products in action because they're just shopping online.

And last but not least...


7. DoorDash


This Facebook ad example is direct. It tells their potential customers that they have drink deals.

The copy of the Facebook ad is informational. All the details are there... like the discount, terms, inclusions, and the date of the promos.

Takeaway: If you don't want your customers to ask more questions, including all the basic details they need to know. And don't make your ad full of text... just add the right amount, like this one.

So, are you ready?


Be inspired and create your own Facebook ad campaign!

Dabbling in Facebook ads, especially for the first time, can feel scary. Why? Because you're going to spend money, and you want to make sure you're getting an ROI or Return On Investment. We also have an interesting article on how to increase your Facebook Ads' CTR.

But it's worth it! I mentioned the benefits and for sure, you want to achieve those for your online store, too. And you can do that by creating effective and optimized Facebook ads.

So, if you're going to launch your Facebook ad campaign, use these examples to know what things you should do and what not.

And to ensure the success of your campaigns, you need to learn more about Facebook advertising. How? Here is...


The complete guide to Facebook advertising for your eCommerce brand!

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