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22 Jun 2022

The Underrated Value Of A Thank You Page: How To Write Your Thank You Page (+10 High-Converting Examples!)

The Underrated Value Of A Thank You Page: How To Write Your Thank You Page (+10 High-Converting Examples!)

When you do something nice for others, doesn't it feel good when they show their appreciation?

Even a simple "Thank you!" can make your day.

Expressing appreciation builds rapport even between complete strangers.

And that's what we're going to focus on today.

As an eCommerce store owner, your thank you page is a good way to show gratitude to potential and existing customers alike.

But as a savvy entrepreneur, the thank you page can be more than that.

This particular page can be a treasure-trove to improve conversions and boost sales.

That is... if you use it to its full advantage!

An effective thank you page will keep your visitors engaged.

Fasten your seatbelt as you go through these key points:

  • What goes into a thank you page
  • Importance of optimizing this web page
  • Elements that should go into your thank you page
  • Outstanding thank you page examples that can amplify conversion rate optimization

Let's get down to business and start with...


What Is A Thank You Page?

This is a landing page on your eCommerce site. Your visitors are redirected to it after filling and submitting a form on different landing pages.

In other words, it's the final step in your conversion process.

For example, you can add a thank you page when a user subscribes to your newsletter. Or when potential customers download a free eBook/guide from your business.

Of course, a Shopify thank you page is also appropriate for a post-purchase landing page.

An exceptional thank you page needs to contain:

  • Your gratitude for them taking action
  • Detailed instructions on the next steps
  • Encouraging users to act more desired actions

Before we get to the fun part of thank you page examples, you have to know...


Why You Should Optimize Your Thank You Page?

A lot of people think that thank you pages are only used as a confirmation after the purchase process.

But that's not true at all. Your thank you page matters for your customer journey.

Thank you pages prime your target audience from being prospects to paying customers.

It also encourages prospects to go further into your sales funnel.

Plus, your thank you pages give your customers a summary of their purchases. It updates them about their action, which provides more value for your brand.

Your marketing efforts can also improve with a thank you page.

Here's how...

You can encourage visitors to buy more by suggesting related products. Promote cross-selling to enhance their buying process.

And lastly, everyone appreciates gratitude!

Thank you pages not only affect conversions. It helps build relationships that lead to a higher customer retention rate.

The thank you page examples you'll be seeing contain these...


Features Of A High-Converting Thank You Page

🙏 Concise Confirmation Message

A thank you page's main function is to confirm your visitor's action.

And you don't have to drag on. Brevity is your friend!

A short and sweet sentence like "Thank you for signing up!" or "Your order is on its way" is all good.

But don't just stop there. Remember, you can get more leads with your thank you page.

The next part should be a...


🙏Strong Call To Action

This part answers the question, "Now what?"

Move your visitors further in the customer journey with a powerful call to action. For instance, you can get them to:

Or, you can also include...


🙏Multiple Social Options

Consider this as a part of your digital marketing.

Add social sharing links with logo buttons. They can follow your accounts through your thank you page.

You can build more connections with social media. It can also encourage customers to share your brand with their social media friends.

Take your thank you page to the next level when you...


🙏Provide Additional Content

Make sure that the other resources you provide are relevant and interesting.

This way, you can provide value to your customer's purchasing decision.

So, you can include links to relevant content such as a free guide, free email marketing course, etc.

Your additional resources can also help you with your inbound marketing. How so?

It can improve the SERP rankings of your content.

Yes, there is no guarantee for this. But it can kickstart your content for a higher ranking.

High-converting landing pages often...


🙏Highlight Social Proof

This includes positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers. They serve as a recommendation for your business.

For instance, if you have a large number of customers, you can say, "More than 10,000 people trust our products," or "Over 5,000 products sold."

Or you can also use quotations from industry experts who also enjoyed your product or service.

If you were featured in magazines or other media outlets, display their logos on your thank you page.

All of these stellar social proof means your business is tried and tested by other people. It makes prospects trust you immediately.

Create a more effective lead magnet when you create a...


🙏Personalized Thank You Page

Did you know that personalized CTAs convert 202% more than normal ones? That's a huge leap!

Your CTAs should match your different customer personas to connect better.

Lastly, it doesn't hurt to be creative!

Creative thank you pages can get their attention and keep their eye longer on their screen.

This is a definite... Your thank you page gives you countless conversion opportunities.

That is apparent on these...


10 Promising Thank You Page Examples To Help You Boost Conversions

10 Promising Thank You Page Examples To Help You Boost Conversions


Example #1: Teachable


Teachable is a platform for course creators to host their courses. Check out their thank you page example!

When you subscribe to their newsletter, it shows a simple thank you message.

The secondary form of CTA has clear instructions for their visitor. It's also specific about the time they can receive the latest issue.

The minimalist thank you page also includes relevant content at the bottom.

Doesn't it make you want to read more?

Another thank you page example you can learn from is...


Example #2: Team Lewis

Team Lewis

Team Lewis focuses on public relations services.

Their thank you page has a clear confirmation of the visitor's action.

The short message also offers more information about the company. It includes a link to their About Us page and the office locations of their sales team.

You can also visit their blog through the page.

Do you also notice the prominent call to action on the bottom part?

It leads to another pop-up opt-in form to receive more communications from them.

For your thank you page, you can add a form that offers free assessment, referral program, etc.

The next thank you page example is one of my favorites...


Example #3: Kickresume


Kickresume lets you create resumes, cover letters, and online portfolios.

And their thank you page is a good example of getting creative with your gratitude!

The page includes animated rockets and UFOs. As their business is focused on resumes, it shows how clever they are when it comes to designing.

Their confirmation also creates a feeling of excitement for their visitors.

Also, notice the social media buttons on the page. Clicking each button leads you to their channels for your to follow.

Creativity also looks good on...


Example #4: Wrike


Wrike is an online productivity tool. The first thing you find on their homepage is a field where you can fill in your email address.

And their thank you page is the definition of clear and concise.

They include links for their guides right after their thank you message.

Plus, the testimonial from an industry expert is a nice touch. It's basically a free promotion from your previous customer.

Speaking of promotion...


Example #5: Wordstream


Wordstream provides online advertising tools.

And they know how to take full advantage of their thank you page.

After they thank the user, they give instructions about accessing a free demo of their services.

Since not all of their visitors may not be familiar with their tool, they also took the time to explain how the process works.

Bonus tip: When getting customers' emails, use spam filter testing to make sure that they receive your correspondence.

Another landing page I admire is from...


Example #6: All Seasons Landscaping Co.

All Seasons Landscaping Co.

The All Seasons Landscaping Co. offers lawn care and landscape construction. Let's go over the good parts of their thank you page.

Sometimes, your customers may feel post-purchase guilt. They might have some doubts if they made the right choice on brand and product.

The best way to reassure them is through social proof. It can reinforce the positive emotions they feel when shopping.

This business makes sure that their positive testimonials are the highlights of their post-purchase thank you page.

And that's how you ease their concerns.

Here's another one you can learn from...


Example #7: Crate&Barrel


(source: StableWP)


Requiring your visitors to create an account before purchasing may stop them from buying.

So, the  home decor store Crate&Barrel positioned their sign-in option on their thank you page instead.

After their customer's order, they can create an account to easily buy the next time.

In essence, their strategic thank you page can gain more conversions and return customers!

Another well-planned page you need to see is...


Example #8: Harry's


(source: Convertcart)


As a savvy eCommerce brand owner, you know customer data collection is crucial for your success.

Knowing your customer's wants, needs, and pain points helps you give them a better customer experience.

And a good way to get to know them better is through surveys.

Just consider the men's personal care product company, Harry's.

They know how precious their customer's time is. That's why they only show one multiple choice question on their thank you page.

You can ask your questions on the thank you page to keep your customers engaged. It will also help you understand them more.

To give you another idea...


Example #9: Book Depository

Book Depository

(source: StableWP)


Need help retaining customers and creating brand loyalists?

Giving them discount codes or vouchers is a great way to reward customers for their purchases. With the voucher, they can go back to your store to buy more.

Take a look at the online store Book Depository. They give incentives to previous customers for their patronage.

Last but not least...


Example #10: Debutify


It is impossible not to feature our own!

Once you avail the free Shopify theme Debutify, the thank you page will further assist you through the process.

Whether you just established a new store or already have a paid them but want to try Debutify... the steps are laid out there for you to easily try it out.


It's Time To Perfect Your Thank You Page!

These examples should inspire you to create your own original thank you page!

Remember to thank your customer properly. Always provide value.

Using this page to the fullest extent possible can get you more conversions and more sales.

And you know what else can give you all these advantages long-term?

Try Debutify as your all-in-one eCommerce theme.

With 50+ Add-Ons, it's the ultimate Profit Optimization Partner you've been looking for.


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