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01 Oct 2021

What Bulletproof Coffee Can Teach You About Switching to Shopify (And Why Using Shopify Makes a Difference)

What Bulletproof Coffee Can Teach You About Switching to Shopify (And Why Using Shopify Makes a Difference)

Shopify is the undisputed king of eCommerce platforms.  

That's probably the reason many e-commerce brands are making a big switch to Shopify.

Lemme name a few who made the big switch:

  • CS Express (from eBay)
  • Guided (from Magento)
  • Dirty South Vintage (from Etsy)
  • A Natural Alternative (from WordPress)
  • Gymshark (from Magento)

And Bulletproof Coffee is no different.

Today, we'll dig deeper into why Bulletproof switched from Magento to Shopify. I'll also share Dave Asprey's branding and scaling strategies.

Lastly, find out why using Shopify makes a difference (especially when you use Debutify?)

I know you're pumped up already.

But before we do that, let's get to know more about...

What Bulletproof Coffee Is?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term 'bulletproof coffee'?

If you answered coffee, you're not alone. ☕

But bulletproof coffee isn't your regular latte. It's more than that.

Here's why:

The products created by Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof, have guided everyone to GET. MORE. DONE.

Asprey had a history of weight problems. He has been struggling with low energy and digestive problems his entire life. 

He got the idea of creating a coffee brewed with ghee or butter during his trip to Nepal. There, he got the chance to meet Sherpa people, who offered him a tea brewed with butter to treat his altitude sickness. 

The idea struck Asprey's mind.

And that is where the Bulletproof empire was born.

The powerhouse blend of Bulletproof coffee is not only keto-friendly but also low-carb. Also, it's not just the coffee that Bulletproof offers to its health-conscious customers.

From collagen protein to grass-fed ghee and supplements, the Bulletproof website has many options fit for a fitness king.

What Bulletproof Coffee Is?

Now that you know what bulletproof coffee is and the story behind it.

I think it's time to know...

What Bulletproof Coffee Can Teach You About The 'Switch' from Magento to Shopify?

What Bulletproof Coffee Can Teach You About Switching To Shopify?

There is no denying that Magento was the top dog when it first entered the market. But sadly, the platform failed to maintain its momentum.

In the past few years, Magento lagged. Their outdated functionality and security risks have plagued the platform.

That's the reason many brands and enterprise-level sellers like Bulletproof have switched to Shopify.

Here's are more reasons why they made the 'switch':

1. Security

For brands like Bulletproof, security is a big deal. The last thing they want is to compromise their customer's valuable information.

The brand receives tons of traffic daily. That means they needed a solution to help them create a PCI-compliant storefront. 

Shopify ensures the user's site is PCI-compliant. Besides that, it also takes care of risk management. 

Apart from security, another reason for shifting to Shopify is Hosting.

Let’s talk more about it.

2. Hosting

With Magento, you need to provide your hosting. But that's not the case with Shopify. It's hosted for you. 

Shopify's rock-solid architecture is a perfect fit for Bulletproof. They can add as many products as they want. Also, they don't have to worry about high traffic ruining their site speed. 

Shopify also makes it easier for businesses to create their unique online stores. Brand owners can easily tweak changes to Shopify themes to design their dream store.

3. Customization


Shopify is great for customization. It is user-friendly, easy to install, and the best part? It offers a range of themes to design the store and add more functionality to your store.

You can select the theme according to your niche, business size, product catalog, and budget.

Themes can be easily customized to change the following things at your online store:

  1. The design of your online store
  2. Colors palette and font style
  3. Navigation menu
  4. Homepage and landing pages
  5. Streamline your Checkout page

Shopify also offers...

4. Scalability

Bulletproof's branding and scaling strategy are like no other. To support their scalability goals, there is no platform as robust as Shopify Plus. 

While Magento also supports scalability to some extent, Shopify's extensive APIs take things to the next level. 

Shopify has helped Bulletproof immensely scale its business. The brand even ranks in the list of the best Shopify stores in 2021.

But obviously, your budget and scalability strategies do not match with Bulletproof. You need your own reasons to move your store from any other platform to Shopify.

Here's the last reason on our list...

5. Plugins

Plugins became a key to Bulletproof's success.

Let me elaborate...

Did you know that Bulletproof uses Yotpo to get customer reviews and feature user-generated content on its website?

They used customer reviews and user-generated content to gain social proof. Which encouraged customers to make that purchase.

Aside from that...

Bulletproof uses the back-in-stock add-on that allows buyers to fill up a back-in-stock request form when their preferred item is out-of-stock.

It's a simple yet effective way to boost their sales. And led to Bulletproof's growth to a $50 million company.

If they did it. I know you can too.

Now that you know why they switched.

It's time to reveal...

Dave Asprey’s Branding And Scaling Strategies That You Can Use To Build Your Business

For any owner, it is normal to feel frustrated when they see others achieve more than what they do.

Sometimes businesses newer than yours get more attention and customers.

It happens. In fact, it happens frequently.

Most of the time, it happens not because your information was inaccurate. But because your delivery wasn’t right.

That’s what sets great brands apart - delivery.

How did Steve Jobs convince people to trust an ‘Apple’ logo and throw millions on his products? 

How did Dave Asprey convince his customers to add tons of butter to their coffee? Not only this, he made an empire worth millions out of this concept. ???

The simple answer is...

These brands know how to frame a story within their customer's worldview. They first turn them into believers and then into advocates who talk about them wherever they go. 

I know what you're thinking...

If they can do it, you can do it too.

Of course, you can. But this is easy to say and hard to do, and even harder to do well. 

But it is not all bad news. If you're a quick learner and observe brands keenly, it will be easier for you to reach where they are today.

Here are a few things you can learn from Bulletproof’s branding and scaling strategy…

1. You Can Drive Better Engagement Using Storytelling Than Hard Facts

There is no tool as effective as storytelling for branding. Whether you’re crafting your ad copy or About Us page, you can use storytelling to capture your audience’s attention.

Asprey also harnesses the power of storytelling to drive engagement. Customers see him as just another common guy suffering from low energy and ailments.

Storytelling helps the brand connect with its customers at a personal level. He showed his customers that he was also desperate for change and help - just like they do.

Key takeaway: Don’t tell them the percentage of people who benefited from your products. Tell them how they helped you transform.

Give them the solution to a problem, not cold facts and figures.

Another thing to learn from Bulletproof’s branding strategy is...

2. Your About Us Page Should Speak VOLUME About What You CAN Do For Your Customers

You’re missing out on a huge number of conversions if your About Us page is about you.

As strange as it may sound, the About Us pages are less about you and more about the reader.

Let’s check out the About Us section on Bulletproof’s website.

If you notice, everything on Bulletproof’s About Us page is about ‘CUSTOMERS.’

Your About Us Page Should Speak VOLUME About What You CAN Do For Your Customers

Your About Us Page Should Speak VOLUME About What You CAN Do For Your Customers

Your About Us Page Should Speak VOLUME About What You CAN Do For Your Customers

The brand wants to help its customers tap their potential.

They also want to help them feel their best.

They’re offering solutions to their problems. If they need to eat gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and Non-GMO, they can head over to their site for snacks and beverages.

Key takeaway: Don’t tell your customers who you are. Instead, tell them what you CAN do for them.

Another key element of Bulletproof’s branding and scaling strategy is...

3. Using Social Proof From A Different Niche

We all know social proof is a validation that encourages others to make a buying decision.

But there is a catch...

It makes customers doubt when you get validation from those who belong to your niche only.

Dave took this strategy to a whole new level by collecting reviews from different people.

Using Social Proof From A Different Niche


Getting this from a guy who’s an educationist is huge. He literally preferred Dave’s advice over his doctor’s suggestion. 

Now, imagine popping this up in front of the visitors. Who would you think people will trust more- the doc or Dave?

Key takeaway: Expand your horizons and collect reviews from people who do not belong to your niche.

The fourth thing that Bulletproof’s strategy teaches us is...

4. Leverage ‘Novelty’ And ‘Simplicity’

Because the wheel has already been invented, you don’t have to reinvent it.

Confused? Don’t be. Let me explain...

Imagine you’re overweight. You found two products online that you think could be a good fit for your problem. You checked their websites.

The first website highlights all conventional stuff. Use pills, do exercise, and so on.

The second site says to eat as much butter and cheese as you can to reduce weight.

Now, this is unusual. That’s what Dave did with his approach. He asked people to add butter and cream to their coffee to reduce weight.

Key takeaway: Your product and offers should be unique.

We're down to the most important aspect now...

5. Create A Website That Communicates Your Core Values To Your Customers

Your website is the heart and soul of your business. You can only convey your message in the best way if your website is user-friendly and engaging.

Bulletproof first launched its website using Magento. But they just switched from Magento to Shopify Plus.

Given the fact their website is content-rich and includes a lot of visual elements, that is a smart move.

And it’s not Bulletproof that made the move. Many big brands, including Public Desire and Rebecca Minkoff, ditched Magento and moved to Shopify Plus.

Now that you know how Bulletproof coffee used Shopify to scale their business.

It's time to find out how Shopify can help you and...

Why Does Using Shopify Make A Difference?

Why Does Using Shopify Make A Difference?

1. Shopify Has A Large And Lively Community

Shopify has a large community. Shopify Plus merchants can also benefit from the Shopify Plus Partners Program

Facebook also has a VIP group dedicated to Shopify Plus sellers. So even if you're a new seller, you can take advantage of the community experience. 

Another benefit that you can get with Shopify is that social media marketing becomes a no-brainer. Because Shopify offers...

2. Social Media Integration

Shopify allows you to sell on any social media channel. It enables you to market your products on different channels using a single dashboard.

Awesome, right?

Apart from this, Shopify gives you full freedom to design your store with the help of themes. 

3. A Wide Range Of Themes

Shopify's range of themes is out of this world. From free to paid and third-party themes, you can find hundreds of options on Shopify.

Shopify is great! It can make a tremendous difference for your business and conversions.

Now, the million-dollar question is...

Should You Make A Switch From Other eCommerce Platforms To Shopify?

Short answer, yes.

Because Shopify is the eCommerce genie. It has everything that a business can ask for. From the freedom to design the store to social media integration to providing a phenomenal shopping experience to the customers... Shopify has got you covered.

But re-platforming isn’t an easy feat. So, why not start today? Move your business to a more safe and productive platform.

Once, you've made the switch.

Debutify theme can be your working partner. It has a clean code, lightning-fast speed, and over 50+ add-ons. This will make your transformation a breeze.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Re-Platform, Innovate, And Scale By Downloading Debutify Today!

14-Day Trial. 1-Click Installation. No Credit Card Required.

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