Christian Lovrecich - Titans At War; Understand The Clash Between Facebook And Apple

Here’s something I didn’t think too much about before my talk today with Christian Lovrecich, I always imagined the big companies at the top, provided they’re not in direct competition like Apple and Microsoft, would largely get along. Turns out I am super wrong and I find it utterly delightful. Christian Lovrecich is a master of FB advertising and his expertise on advertising as it stands today is too important to pass up on. 

Serial entrepreneur? Advertising & digital media expert? Podcast host? Youtube celebrity in-the-works? The truth is, one could say, Christian Lovrecich is the closest thing to a digital renaissance man.  He’s currently on a mission to not only help businesses scale from 6 to 7, 8 figures (or higher), harnessing the full power of Facebook ads through innovative marketing strategies.



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