Episode 80 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Greg Halpern - Renewed Purpose And The Essence Of A Successful, Happy Life

Greg Halpern - Renewed Purpose And The Essence Of A Successful, Happy Life

This is by far the longest episode of Ecomonics to date, and is as significant as they come. As you listen, you’ll notice I don’t say much, part of that is unfortunately we were experiencing a latency delay making it difficult to time any interjection but also because frankly my guest today Greg Halpern speaks with such resonance it’s impossible not to want to just hush up and listen, so that’s what I did. Greg moves about into multiple subjects ranging from his formula 4 protocol life advancement program, MAXD audio enhancement software, but also key moments that revolutionized his business as well as his life’s ultimate mission. His life is an experience unlike any other and it’s a privilege to share in some of that, so do as I did, open your mind and prepare to rethink a lot of what you know.

Greg Halpern is a Personal Health Consultant and Practitioner. He is the author and publisher of Self-Improvement Books. He has survived 13 documented near-death experiences and received the Universal Insights that became Formula 4 Protocol. He’s also the Chairman/CFO of MAX-D Audio.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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