Episode 12 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Stefan Mischook — Optimal Programming For Your Site and Your Self

Stefan Mischook — Optimal Programming For Your Site and Your Self

If there's one element to e-commerce, each of us owes a debt of gratitude towards it's programming or coding. Today on Ecomonics, we bring you some important insights into the backbone of every last business that uses a screen. Additionally, Stefan Mischook has enough accumulated experience to have gained an insight into the fundamentals of living a full life simplicity and avoiding carbs. Whether you ever see yourself learning a new coding language, you'd be making a mistake not to listen to this episode twice. 

Published author, educator and web developer, recognized in the industry for many years, Stefan Mischook has been developing commercial software since the 1990s. He currently runs StudioWeb, a distance learning code teaching SAAS used by schools around the world.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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