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10 Feb 2020

Facebook Marketing In 2023: 15 Ways To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Facebook Marketing In 2023: 15 Ways To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

I want to show you this interesting ad I saw on Facebook.

dollar shave club facebook


I usually scroll over ads on social media. But this Facebook ad made me pause.

Well, I signed up for a trial run.

And that should be your Facebook ads for ecommerce' goal. Create successful Facebook ads to convert your target audience into paying customers. And of course, to also grow your business.

Easy, right?

But it's there's more to it than just posting witty Facebook ads.

Lucky for you, I'm going to show you why establishing a new ecommerce Facebook marketing strategy is essential. It's one of the best ways to make your business stand out in 2024.

Facebook ads can offer you lots of exposure and credibility boost. So, you need to do everything you can to push things to the next level. This will bring in the results you expect.

Keep this in mind...

Nothing is impossible. Especially when it comes to promoting your brand name. It all comes down to knowing the approach you want to have. And of course, what features would specifically work for you here?

With that in your mind, let's get started with...

Why Use Facebook Marketing?

Why Use Facebook Marketing In 2022?

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdowns, people turned to social media to keep in touch. And one channel is getting even more increasingly popular.

Yep, you guessed it right. Facebook is still dominating the space for social media platforms.

Did you know that there are roughly 2.9 billion active users on Facebook?

So no matter what industry your online store belongs to, your custom audiences are likely on Facebook.

And that's not going to change anytime soon. Shopping on Facebook is becoming a significant trend. And Facebook ads for ecommerce are allowing more ecommerce capabilities on Facebook pages.

That means you have more capability to promote your ecommerce business to a lot of new customers.

Speaking of promoting to new customers, here are fifteen foolproof tips for your Facebook Marketing...

15 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Advertising

1. Establish Your Audience

This seems like an obvious thing to do. But with Facebook ads for ecommerce, you can actually define your custom audiences.


Facebook has some nifty tools that are included in its analytics package. And you will find it easy to work with it!

You can find things like the age of your followers. Or where they live. Or the type of job they have. Even how they are using Facebook.

There are other things that will also make it easier for you to find your target audience. These are their gender, education, language, and so on. It will help you establish the right Facebook marketing strategy to suit their needs.

Plus, you can start creating multiple smaller custom audiences you can work with. This will make your Facebook ad more helpful and convenient.

The next thing you can do with Facebook ads for ecommerce is...

2. Create The Right Facebook Marketing Goals

When you want to create a good Facebook campaign, you need to figure out your goals.

It's crucial to have one as it will define your ad campaign work. As well as the value you can provide. Plus, you can create ads that drive sales.

To help you out, here are some common ecommerce business goals you can use:

  • Generate leads
  • Improve conversions and sales
  • Boost customer service
  • Build brand awareness

Once you have your goals for an ad campaign sorted out, you...

3. Make Sure That You Create Good Content Mix

You might want to use Facebook ads right away. But it's important to figure out the type of content you want to share.

Here's a good balance you can do for your Facebook ads...

Ideally, you want 33% of your content to share ideas and stories. Another 33% involve personal interaction with people. You can promote your business with the rest of the percentage.

Plus, keep your Facebook content unique and varied.

Because once you make it exciting for people, followers will come. And that's where you want it to be! You want to make it work. And you want to bring in a great experience.

So, use different types of content such as video ads, images, and text. You can also make use of carousel ads. It lets you feature multiple products at once.

This creates a great content mix that entices people. Especially video ads. Use it to your advantage.

For example, take a look at how diverse Debutify's Facebook ads are.

Make Sure That You Create Good Content Mix

Make Sure That You Create Good Content Mix


Debutify Facebook ads include both videos and images. Plus, it also posts helpful tidbits from its podcast. Sounds like a good content mix to me!

Also, don't forget to...

4. Ask Questions And Share Polls

Who doesn't wanna know about their customer's opinions? Getting feedback from customers helps a lot!


Because your Facebook advertising strategy will mostly depend on what people think about your products or services. After all, you don't want to keep doing the same thing... and fail your Facebook campaign.

So why not ask for it?

Share polls and ask about what your customers want. Keep your polls as short as possible. It should take less than five minutes to answer your whole survey. Your customers won't bother answering a long survey.

After you get the information you need, don't keep it to yourself. Share the results with your customers. It will show that you value them as people.

What's more? The positive results will just brighten their view of your brand. And the more content you do, the better your SEO will be.

To give you a better idea, see what SEPHORA does for their Facebook poll.

Ask Questions And Share Polls


Notice how their copy sounds casual and personalized. It makes you want to answer their question. It also subtly highlights their products. This is also possible on carousel ads.

To create an awesome Facebook ad, it also helps to...

5. Always Optimize Your Photos

You want your images to look amazing. After all, Facebook and social media sites, in general, focus on visuals.

So, make sure that you always have the highest quality images and cover photos. If possible, include your logo in all images, too.

Here are some suggestions you can apply to your Facebook ad images.

  • Incorporate images of real people. This will humanize your brand, making it more "relatable" to your customers.
  • Your Facebook page cover image should be 640x312 pixels. Your Facebook page profile photo needs to be at 170x170 pixels. For the Facebook group cover, 1640x856 pixels.
  • Use bright and colorful imagery.
  • Avoid blue and white photos. It blends in with Facebook's colors. It will make it harder for your audience to notice them.

HelloFresh knows the assignment well.

Always Optimize Your Photos

Isn't that photo tempting? The photo is well-lit and high-quality. It's a great way to get their customers hungry for more.

Up next...

6. Use A Call To Action Button

When you have a Facebook for Business page, you have the option to add a CTA button.

The most popular CTA that ecommerce businesses use is "Sign Up". They usually use that to link to their online store. But you also have other options...

  • Book Now
  • Watch Video
  • Shop Now
  • Play Game
  • Order Now
  • Use App
  • Contact Us

The most important thing is to make people take action. Regardless of what that action might be.

Additionally, you can use discounts and coupons when they use that link.

For example, Guardian Weekly shows what they offer on their Facebook ad.

Use A Call To Action Button

You can also offer a free trial to convince them further to click that CTA button.

When it comes to your Facebook ads for ecommerce, it doesn't hurt to...

7. Share User-Generated Content

People love it when their content gets shared by ecommerce brands. It makes them feel special!

A good Facebook ad is to share content created by your audience. It's an excellent way to boost your engagement rate naturally. It also has the potential to help bring in brand awareness.

Plus, user-generated content can be very appealing for a lot of potential customers. As well as for your existing customers to come back for more.

Get this: it can generate shares and likes for your Facebook business page. It also shows your audience that, yes, they are not alone. And you care about them!

Toyota does an excellent job of showcasing user-generated content.

Share User-Generated Content


Their "Feeling the Street" campaign highlights UGC from Facebook users very well. And it worked! They received more than 1.2 million likes, comments, and shares.

Another strategy you can do is...

8. Keep Things Short And Simple

There's one thing you need to focus on when it comes to creating your Facebook ads... It's your ad quality and nothing else.

And it won't help that much if your Facebook ads are too long.

So, let the image or video speak for itself. Yes, people spend a lot of time per day on Facebook. But they still dislike long content pieces most of the time.

Moreover, write a short and sweet description that goes well with the content piece.

For instance, Airtable perfectly proposes its value in just a few words.

Keep Things Short And Simple

Do you know what else you can do to boost awareness? You can...

9. Go Live Often

Check this out: over an hour-long Facebook Live Video experiences an uptick in engagement.

That means you can get a lot of exposure on Facebook. More exposure means more potential customers. And, of course, that leads to more conversions and sales.

Also, a reminder: post videos often. That way, you can receive lots of watch time in general. Going Live can also help you engage with your existing customers in real-time. Plus, write short captions and capture your videos vertically. Doing so can increase your engagement rate.

Now, keep in mind to...

10. Check Your Facebook Audience Insights

Check Your Facebook Audience Insights

What is Facebook Audience Insights? It's a great analytics tool that measures information about the people who interact with your ecommerce business.

It is great for checking things like post reach, engagement rates, post reach, and many others.

You also get to see what content does well. You can continue posting content pieces that your customers like.

Once you get the hang of it, it's easier to obtain the results you want.

Another thing you can do to achieve your goal is...

11. Experiment With Different Posting Times

What do you think is the best time to post your content? Some say it's better to post in the evening. Others believe it's better to post during the workday.

But here's the reality... there's no one-size-fits-all solution. What you want to do is to experiment with posting times yourself. Then, see what works in your solution.

For example, post two content pieces that are similar in type and copy. Then, post one in the morning, and post one before bedtime. Check how your audience engages with your content.

And stick to your schedule! Keep your posting time consistent for your customers to anticipate.

Here's another helpful way...

12. Optimize Your Facebook Ads

You're right... Facebook algorithm is changing. The way ads on Facebook are shown differs at times. Yet Facebook ads are still less expensive when compared to Google.

So, base your improvements on customer feedback and insights. Listen to your target audience's needs and give them what they're asking for.

It all comes down to finding a good call to action. And also a hook that makes people interested in what you have to offer.

Keep reading and learn to...

13. Work With Influencers

Use all the tools at your disposal when you want to promote your business.

A good idea is to partner with influencers. It's a powerful way of gaining your customers' trust. Did you know that customers trust influencers more than brands?

Plus, you can expand your reach beyond your target audience with awesome Facebook ads.

And yes, working with influencers can be costly on your ad spend, depending on their reach.

So you have to find the right influencer for your Facebook ads. Tools like BuzzSumo will help you find influencers in your niche. All you have to do is get in touch with them. That way, your Facebook ads can also be cost-effective.

Check out how Blue Apron features Chrissy Teigen, a model/influencer, on their Facebook ad.

Work With Influencers

Here's a strategy you can't skip...

14. Always Create A Content Calendar

Listen: You don't want to be caught off-guard and not have Facebook ads ready to go.

A content calendar will help you avoid that. It's a better way to prepare your content. It lets you have something to post for your audience regardless of what day it is.

Using a social media content calendar also helps you stay organized. You can visualize your Facebook advertising over a period of time.

The most important thing about it is that your Facebook campaign efforts won't go to waste.

And last but not least, you can...

15. Create Facebook Stories Ads

Just like Instagram, Facebook Stories Ads stay for a limited time.

The good thing is you can use it to showcase your ecommerce business a lot. Feature your company news, and ideas, and even promote your product launches.

You can also add your online store's link with the "Swipe Up" option.

Create Facebook Stories Ads

And there you go! Fifteen Ways to better your Facebook marketing... and boost sales!

Now it's all up to you and get your customers to...

Like, Comment, And Share!

A reliable Facebook marketing strategy will help you bring in amazing results.

Not only can it boost your online store's brand awareness, but Facebook ads can also generate leads. And we all know leads can turn to sales.

I know. It's not easy to find out what works and what doesn't on Facebook in 2022. But that's why you need to try these strategies yourself. And adapt them to your needs.

It's important never to give up. Even if it's hard to create an audience at first.

Stick with it—post amazing content. And always engage with your customer base regardless of its size.

Once they visit your ecommerce website, make them feel welcome.

Because you know what can turn them off?

A non-responsive, slow, and outdated ecommerce website.

Don't let all your social media efforts go to waste!

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