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20 Jun 2022

40 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features For Higher Conversions

40 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features For Higher Conversions

When you visit eCommerce websites, what are the factors that make you leave right away?  

A. Slow-loading graphics

B. Too hard to navigate, not mobile-friendly

C. Complicated checkout process

D. Catastrophic design

E. All of the above

I wouldn't blame you if you chose E. All of the above, because I would answer the same.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can go wrong for an eCommerce site.

But here's the good news...

You can do something about it! You can optimize your eCommerce website to create a frictionless customer experience.

Start with checking the current state of your online store.

Then, check if you have the eCommerce website features we'll be talking about.

Because these eCommerce must-haves are what make seamless customer service, which leads to a successful eCommerce website.

And you know what that means... A continuous streamlining of customers translates to more sales!

Let's start with your eCommerce website builder, and why you should consider...


Shopify As Your eCommerce Platform

For eCommerce websites, your success isn't solely dependent on your products. You have to consider where to house your online store.

Sure, there are different eCommerce site platforms you can choose from, such as Woocommerce or Wix.

But there's a definite reason a lot of eCommerce websites choose Shopify.

Consider these Shopify key features as you decide what's best for your online business:

  • Easy setup with its plug-and-play capability
  • Customizable, well-designed themes
  • High-level security features
  • Fast site speed
  • Lots of app integrations to choose from

When you think your eCommerce business can greatly benefit from this eCommerce platform, let's move on to...


A Comprehensive List Of Essential eCommerce Website Features For Your Business To Thrive In 2023

A Comprehensive List Of Essential eCommerce Website Features

As eCommerce website visitors first see your homepage, let's begin with basic features such as...


1. User-Friendly Navigation

This is the first thing your customers notice when visiting your online store.

They need to find what they're looking for immediately.

And you better make it as user-friendly as possible since a customer's average time on a page only lasts 54 seconds.

This also concerns your category page. Customers' eyes usually focus on the left portion of the page.

Maximize this by making a vertical menu. Your eCommerce site will also look good on mobile with this menu.

Use the Add-On Mega Menu. This will add nested menus, products, collections, articles, and more to your header navigation.

Mega Menu Add-On

Being user-friendly also means you have to include...


2. Site Search Bar

This is usually found on top of an eCommerce site.

With this feature, your customers can search exactly what they are looking for.

Check out IKEA's homepage. Their search bar is hard to miss with its prominent space. It also shows suggestions when you click on it.

Site Search BarSite Search Bar

With search functionality such as internal site search, you can also track what your customers are searching through Google Analytics.

You might have seen eCommerce sites that have...


3. Multilingual Support

Is your business available in different regions?

If so, you can include various language or multilingual options that let your customers switch.

And if you have the resources available, you can create different versions of your eCommerce website suited for each region.

Online stores also usually have...


4. Customer Login

This feature helps with customer retention. Letting potential customers register and log in can help you keep them coming back for more.

Position this on the top bar of your eCommerce site for your customers to easily access it.

Nordstrom utilizes this by putting a drop-down menu with its sign-in tab.

Customer Login

What is ecommerce functionality? It refers to the features and capabilities of an online platform that enable ecommerce store owners to conduct transactions, manage inventory, process payments, and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.

A functional eCommerce website won't be complete without...


5. Display Of Unique Value Proposition

Why should customers choose you and not your competitors?

With a clear, unique value proposition (UVP), you can describe what makes you stand out as an online seller.

You can also include how your products or services can fill your customers' needs better than other eCommerce sites.

Your customers will also be looking for...


6. Contact Page

Make sure you create an open line of communication with your customers. With a contact page, you can build a stronger relationship with them.

Consider giving them multiple contact options. If they have any questions or concerns, they can contact you through phone, email address, or a Contact Us Form.

Debutify's Contact Us page looks sleek and clean for customers to leave any concerns they have.

Contact Page

This leads us to...


7. Live Chat

Live chat and chatbots are a staple for an eCommerce website these days. It helps you to solve any issue your customers are experiencing quickly.

Use the Debutify Add-On Facebook Messenger. This adds a chat widget on your eCommerce site for your customers to talk to you.

Facebook Messenger Add-On

For brick-and-mortar stores, it's best to have a...


8. Store Finder

For businesses that have physical stores, a store locator is essential.

Your customers can find your business for shopping or alternative delivery such as curbside pickup.

Insert the business hours for each of your stores, too.

Your products shouldn't be limited to being on product pages. Homepages can also display...


9. Featured Products

Whether you do it manually or automate things, you can display different products on your main page.

Consider your best sellers to feature.

Kimchi Chic Beauty highlights its best-selling products right on the main page. Take a look:

Featured Products

When you have this feature, you can incorporate it with...


10. Testimonials

This is one of the user-generated content you will include on your site.

Testimonials are powerful social proof you can highlight. Opinions from industry experts can boost your credibility.

Speaking of social proof...


11. Social Media Links

Keep your customers connected on different platforms!

Display the social media channels logos that link to your platforms.

Ensure that your social media accounts are linked correctly and are up-to-date.

This aspect is usually on...


12. Footer Navigation

The bottom part of your eCommerce site needs tending, too.

Put in all of the essential information your customers would need from you.

For instance, Scrub Daddy has its contact information and different pages listed on its footer.

This can also help search engine crawlers discover all of your site pages.

Footer Navigation

Listen, there's more. Lots more...


13. Call To Action

Of course, you want your visitors to take action! A CTA is important whether to purchase or sign up for your newsletter.

You can also provide links on banners to guide them to special offers on product pages.

Enhance your category page with...


14. Product Filter

No one wants to needlessly wander around a site.

Going back to easy navigation, a filter can help your customers find products they want to purchase.

When they do, it's effortless to keep adding to their shopping cart!

Debutify Add-On Collection Filters helps you create this process. It ensures visitors can filter the products on the collection page according to their preferences.

Collection Filter Add-On

Let's dive deeper into your site's product page...


15. Product Details

Your product description heavily impacts your customers' decisions. Keep optimizing it with SEO-relevant keywords.

Show product variables such as size and color, list price, weight, etc.

With Debutify Add-Ons, you can continue improving your product page. The Add-Ons, Customizable Products, and Product Tabs are just some advantages you can use.

A huge part of your online business is...


16. High-Quality Images And Videos

No doubt, including photos and videos on your product page, can increase conversions.

Over half of consumers said that videos helped them make a purchasing decision. That's a huge demographic!

Level up and create high-quality photos that show just how top-notch your products are.

Check this video out for top-notch advice for your graphics:


You can also find this on...


17. Product Reviews

Let me repeat this... User-generated content is a great form of social proof.

Displaying reviews encourages hesitant customers to go ahead with their purchases. They trust recommendations from people who have already purchased from you.

It won't make sense when you have no...


18. Add To Cart Button

This is as obvious as it gets!

Ensure your shopping cart button is prominently shown beside your product image.

Keep your customers adding to their shopping cart with...


19. Compare Button

When your visitors are given more product choices, it makes them purchase more.

Use the Add-On Quick Compare. It lets your customer easily compare the features of different products and choose which one is best for them.

Quick Compare Add-On

Up next is...


20. Related Products

This can prompt your customer to find products they might want.

Put it on the bottom part of your product page. If possible, create a carousel to keep their choices open.

Let's move on to your checkout page...


21. Billing Address And Shipping Address

Your customer is now checking out. This page will include them filling out their shipping details.

For a lot of people, their billing and shipping location are different.

So it would be helpful to have a field for their billing and shipping information.

Their payment method means you have to put...


22. Multiple Payment Options

You have a lot of payment methods to choose from.

To know what billing methods to use, consider what your target audience prefers.

Your payment options might include credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, cash, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, etc.

No matter what payment method you opt for, you have to have...


23. Security Features

Sadly, eCommerce is familiar with breaches.

To avoid attacks and keep customer details safe, you can install a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate or use safe VPN software. This will keep your data private.

You can reassure your customers that their money is safe with trust badges.

Yep, Debutify has the Add-On for this! The Trust Badge displays payment icons under the checkout buttons.

Trust Badge Add-On

Of course, we can't leave out...


24. Cart Details

Display all of the details of your customer's purchase.

Have the product name, details, and quantity on the list. Add the shipping costs to the final price.

With the cart details, the next one should be a part of it...


25. Detailed Shipping And Return Policy

Manage your customer's expectations.

If you offer free shipping, highlight it on your online store's homepage. Include your return process as your customer checks out.

The shipping method means they now have to think about...


26. Order Tracking

The majority of customers want to know when their purchase will arrive.   

The Add-On Order Tracking will let them track their orders directly from your store.

order tracking

Another feature to trigger conversions is...


27. Coupon Codes

I admit it... I often search for discount codes when I see that coupon box on my checkout page.

And most consumers do, too. 88% of them, actually.

The Cart Discount Add-On in your online store allows a customer to enter discount codes in the cart before checkout.

coupon codes

Want to retain visitors? Leverage...


28. Email Opt-In

Reach out to your customer with email marketing.

Notify them about new products or any promotions you are having.

Include the Add-On Newsletter Pop-up to your arsenal. It displays a customizable Newsletter Pop-Up to capture your visitor's email before they leave your site.

Newsletter popup

Enhance customer experience with...


29. Blog Page

With a blog post, you can establish your expertise around your industry niche.

And who wouldn't trust an expert, right?

Your blog page can also have a search capability, as well as categories and popular post features.

Now that we have discussed the front-end, let's talk about your back-end features...


30. Customer Management

This is a must-have as it can get.

It lets you manage customer account details like previous orders and reviews.

Hey... check out Debutify Reviews! You can manage reviews on autopilot and collect reviews as easily as pie. Download it here!

You can also view your email subscription list, and search/sort them by first and last name.

Browser compatibility incorporates...


31. Content Management

This lets you manage content pages such as blogs, navigation, auto email messages, and layout.

Editing is also a part of this, as well as adding images and videos.

Next one is...


32. Order Management

Smoothly manage your orders with this backend feature and improve your order management system.

Update order status, or sort through specific variables on this feature.

You can also view purchase details, add notes, and create statuses.

When you offer promotions, you'll have...


33. Discount And Promotion Management

This feature will let you create discount codes and add them to your products/categories.

You also have the ability to set it as "active" or "inactive. That entails setting a minimum or maximum requirement for the codes.

As a thriving business, you want to know how you are faring with...


34. Administrator Management

Your reporting feature will have a dashboard that shows statistics and charts.

You'll have access to data such as store sales order volume, top-selling products, lifetime orders, etc.

Keep on growing with...


35. eCommerce SEO Management

You'll find SEO aspects like URL edits, title tags, and meta tags here.

You can also configure meta tags for specific content or product.

Sounding too technical? I got you!

Learn about SEO management in this SEO Guide For Beginners.

Your platform will also offer...


36. Personal Data Policy

This includes the terms and conditions of your business.

These are standard documents you place at the bottom of your page.

Notify visitors about the data you are collecting through cookies.

It doesn't hurt to have...


37. About Us Page

This page can help gain a customer's trust.

They want to make sure that they know where purchases are coming from.

And if your brand calls for it...


38. FAQ Page

Don't let your visitors keep guessing when it comes to your products or services!

An FAQ page will alleviate any concerns they have about shipping, product quality, etc.

Hold their attention and create a...

38. Loyalty Program

A good way to encourage users to shop again and again is to offer a loyalty program.

Offer the best deals to customers where they can gain points that get them rewards.

If all else fails...

39. Site Backup

Listen, nobody wants to lose their eCommerce site with a mishap.

But it doesn't hurt to be extra careful!

Have your site automatically backed up in case of any misfortune.

Last but definitely not least...


40. Responsive Website Design

Consumers are mostly using their smartphones to buy products online.

Don't let your online business fall behind the trends. Make sure that your website can adapt to any screen size or device.

I told you... I didn't lie about the comprehensiveness of this list!

The ball is on your court to...


Optimize Your eCommerce Site For The Ideal Customer Experience!

Here's what this is all about...

These ecommerce website features can make or break your success as a business owner.

So it's up to you to take your site to the next level, over and over!

And I can't stress this enough...

Choose Debutify as the ultimate Shopify theme. Not only is it super fast, but it's also the perfect Profit Optimization Partner.

If it isn't obvious enough, Debutify offers 50+ Add-Ons. That's more than enough to boost your conversions and increase profits!


Create A High-Converting eCommerce Site With Debutify For Free!

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